Almond Liqueur

This is my version of the popular Italian drink.


It is something which we don't often consume; however, it is handy to have around the house in order to add to things for that little punch or zing when required, or simply to drink as a very delicious digestive after a meal.


Once again, it's quite simple to make; it just needs a little patience and effort to achieve excellent results.

   Almond Liqueur  





200g (7.5oz) almond nuts, roughly chopped (Fig 1)
35cl (7/10 of a pint) Brandy at about 36% alcohol
35cl (7/10 of a pint) Vodka at about 38% alcohol
½ Vanilla Pod split and seeds scraped into the mixture
1 to 1.5 Litres (1.75 to 2.6 pints) water
400g to 600 grams (14 to 21oz) white granulated sugar, this is for the syrup

   Figure 1  


Place the nuts, brandy, vodka, the vanilla pod and seeds in a sealable jar large enough to hold all of the ingredients (Fig 2), give them a shake and set to rest for about 4 weeks. You can give the mix an occasional shake or swirl over the 4 week period; however it's not essential and will not be detrimental if you don't. The skin of the nuts will lose its colour, that's normal so don't worry, also the liquid will go quite cloudy.


After the 4 week period run the mixture through a cheese cloth, paper towel or paper coffee filter into a large mixing bowl. This should leave you with a lovely golden liquid without any cloudiness; it will taste very strong.


Put the chosen quantity of water in a pan, warm but don't boil, dissolve the chosen quantity of sugar into the water, then slowly add to the almond liquid a little at a time, stirring and tasting as you add. Continue to do this until it reaches the taste and quality you want the Almond Liqueur to have.

   Figure 2  


Bottle and enjoy, it should fill about a 1 to 1.5 Litre bottle or a 75cl wine bottle, dependant on how much you dilute the mixture.