Bee Keeping

A bad year for my bees

I have spent some time thinking about how I write this article and thought even longer before making the decision I have arrived at.

I am sure, most people will be aware, that for some time, Bees are having a hard time world wide; Bees in Britain are no different.

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Basics of Bee Keeping

 For most people, Bees induce one of two reactions, the first being – OH MY GOODNESS IT'S A BEE – IT'S GOING TO STING ME !!!!!, they then attempt to swat the Bee, and fulfil their own prophesy. For the majority of other people, their response is, 'it's a Bee, that's ok', and then there are those of us who go, 'it's a Bee, how lovely'.

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Garden Site

Garden Site - June 2009

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Bee Basic Exam

Bee Basic Exam - June 2009

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