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Simple Courgette (Zucchini) and Blue Cheese Soup

At the time of writing, the gardens are producing at least 3 Courgettes per day. This can be challenging for cooks, hence the book about "101 things to do with Zucchini" by Cyndi Duncan plus many other writers.

Here is my very tasty and healthy contribution.

  Figure 1

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Caponata Triangles

Caponata is a Sicilian Aubergine or Eggplant dish which we discovered years ago whilst on holiday in Sicily. For me, as a devout carnivore, it was a revelation, I had no idea that vegetarian food could be so delicious. It was served up to us as an appetiser, however, we now eat it at home as a main meal, especially in the summer when the allotment is producing so many Italian vegetables (I always have an Italian section to grow Tomatoes, Aubergines, Peppers, Chillies, Courgettes, herbs and Italian Greens).

This meal came about after making a stuffing for Roasted Peppers, so whilst based on a Caponata recipe it also has some rice in the dish. I can however tell you, whilst not true to tradition, the triangles are delicious, either as a main course, with salad(fig 1) or just as a snack(fig 2).

Figure 1 Figure 2


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Lemon Posset with Raspberry and Rose Coulis

As I said in the introduction to the Lasagne recipe, this is another of Jan's great success stories from the lunches we serve on the Cheese making course, beware, it will transport you to another world!


600g double cream
5 oz caster sugar
2 large lemons, grated rind and juice
4 punnets raspberries
2 tablespoons icing sugar
3 drops of rose water
Grated rind of 1 lime
2 teaspoon arrow root (optional)


Place cream in a heavy pan with the sugar and slowly bring to boil, boil for 3 minutes and then remove from heat. Let it cool.

Once cool whisk in the lemon juice and rind until thick. Pour into small glasses and put in fridge.

Make the Coulis:

Put the raspberries and icing sugar in pan on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Blitz the fruit and then strain through a muslin cloth. If necessary, thicken with some arrow root.

Put a little of the grated rind on top of the Posset and then add a layer of Coulis. Return to fridge until required. Serve with lemon sorbet or shortbread.

Veal Meatballs with Rich Tomato Sauce

Though this recipe uses Veal, obviously other minced meats can be used, they may however require a change in the seasoning and herb content. This recipe is, I think, a wonderfully delicious use of an undervalued meat, the use of Veal gives a lovely delicate balance to the meal.

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Jan’s Tuscan style lasagne

I've always said that Jan makes a wonderful Lasagne, this has been borne out time and again by the feedback forms from our cheese making courses, they all comment on the food. At last I have persuaded Jan to write down two of her more successful recipes, starting with her Lasagne, but look out for the Lemon Posset recipe, it will transport you to another world.

Like a lot of Italian foods and sauces, the recipe starts with a Soffritto, this is a very solid foundation to build an Italian sauce on.

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Stilton and Onion Marmalade Flan

This is a fabulous flan, which, if made correctly, gives a wonderful balance between the sweetness of the Onion and the piquancy of the Stilton. You can use pre-made short crust pastry for this or make your own as below.




Shortcrust pastry:
125g plain flour (white flour)
55g butter diced into half inch cubes
30-40ml water (or as required)

pinch of salt


4 large eggs beaten as if to make an omelette, add a cup of milk too
1 tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar (to taste)
A good portion of Stilton (250-300 Grams) as strong as you like.
Cup full of Grated Cheddar to sprinkle over the top,
2 Medium red Onions finely sliced or pre made Caramelised onions (for recipe click here)

Stilton and Onion Marmalade Flan

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