Saucisson Sec

This classic French sausage is so easy to make, thus it is good for the first timer who wants to make charcuterie. It's a simple technique which can result in outstanding results and it's a forgiving recipe. It can be hung in somewhere like a basement, garage or other cool outbuilding, and does not require specialized equipment.

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Soft Goats Cheese

Goats cheese is not to everyone's taste, however, I think that's more about the age it is eaten rather than the cheese – this cheese can turn quite ripe or earthy fairly quickly, so for those who don't like it strong – eat it young. Here's the recipe I use:

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How to make Salami

This is one of those things I have been going to attempt for some time; all I have been concerned about has been the place where I could hang the said Salamis. After much research and looking at recipes on how to make them, I decided now that the weather was getting cooler, I would be able to hang them in my shed without them overheating, so here goes.

I would also like to say that there are two sorts of casings being used, not by intent, but because I made the mistake of procuring far too much meat, therefore I had to dip into my emergency stock of Collagen Skins.

  Homemade salami

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Chicken, Bacon and Egg Pie

My mother often made this Pie for me as a midweek meal when I was growing up.


I always enjoyed those days when I came home to this pie, served with home-made Chips cooked in dripping, with peas or Baked Beans, delicious.


I realise now it was a way to use up the chicken meat from Sunday Roast Lunch, and also to get protein into me, believe it or not, in those days I was not a big fan of eating.

   Chicken, Bacon and Egg Pie

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Stilton and Onion Marmalade Flan

This is a fabulous flan, which, if made correctly, gives a wonderful balance between the sweetness of the Onion and the piquancy of the Stilton. You can use pre-made short crust pastry for this or make your own as below.




Shortcrust pastry:
125g plain flour (white flour)
55g butter diced into half inch cubes
30-40ml water (or as required)

pinch of salt


4 large eggs beaten as if to make an omelette, add a cup of milk too
1 tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar (to taste)
A good portion of Stilton (250-300 Grams) as strong as you like.
Cup full of Grated Cheddar to sprinkle over the top,
2 Medium red Onions finely sliced or pre made Caramelised onions (for recipe click here)

Stilton and Onion Marmalade Flan

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Update October 2015

I am aware that unless you follow me on twitter you would have missed out on any produce or allotment update since July 2015. Sorry for that, but I have to admit I have been a very amateurish allotment gardener since then – in fact, other than harvest produce I have done very little.

I'm ashamed to say I am still harvesting Potatoes which are coming up surprisingly clean and last week I was still harvesting Chillies, Bell peppers and Aubergines (Fig 1) along with Beets etc..
At the weekend I picked my grape harvest (Fig 2), some were not ripe but I doubt they will ripen any more now, so they are mulching at present ready to make wine. I'm also starting to harvest those late Carrots I planted in July, they too are coming up nice and clean.


Figure 1 Figure 2


I need to prepare some soil for the setting of my over winter Onions (Radar), Shallots (Jermore) and Garlic (Elephant and Italian Red) but it's raining outside at present and I plan to retire in March, so I keep telling myself, loads of time.

Of course there never is enough time and there is always things to do, but I'm hanging on for those precious days of retirement; meanwhile, here are some pictures of this year's harvest.


Harvest 1 Harvest 2 Harvest 3 Harvest 4


Harvest 5   Harvest 6   Harvest 7