Bee Basic Exam

Bee Basic Exam - June 2009

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The Joys of Beekeeping

In the world of Bee Keeping journals and magazines, there seems to be so much negativity at present. Varroa, AFB, EFB, CCD, swarming/failing queens, poor seasons, winter deaths, honey shortages, hive theft, arguments over insecticides and so it goes on; it’s almost as if, we, as Bee Keepers are trying to put people off keeping Bees.

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Cheese Making - Getting Started

To make cheese, the first thing needed is, of course, milk. Unless you are in the position to have a cow or goat in the back garden, then like me, you will probably need to buy this commodity; this is one of those rare times when a supermarket comes in handy, their milk is cheap and they have a variety of acceptable quality milks, especially for the new starter. However, I am aware that for some, supermarket milk is a matter of conscience, so wherever you get your milk is up to you really.

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Doug's Cheeses

Because so many cheese names are protected, I have to make up my own names for the cheeses I make. The cheeses are made to enjoy on a cheese board with a good wine and rustic bread or crackers either at the end of a meal or as a snack. You may want to add honey, chutney and grapes to the cheese board. This is by no way all of the cheeses I make, but it represents the most popular ones I produce...

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Cottage Cheese Recipe

Here is a simple recipe for making Cottage Cheese.

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