Aug 2014 Update

It's quite a short one this time, I could say all I have done is harvest this month but that's not completely true, but it does more or less cover the month.

The garden has been providing an overabundance of Courgettes, Patty Pans, French Beans, Aubergines, Peppers, Chillies, Lettuce and Tomatoes, some are now frozen either individually or in meals, or alternatively they have been eaten by us or given to friends and colleagues (Fig 1).


After having some rain, the soil is now more manageable, so after struggling for a month to dig spuds it's now easier.


The Onions and Garlic have all dried well in the greenhouse and hanging under cover, we are using them as and when needed. The Carrots are just starting to be harvested now.

  Figure 1

The other day I wrote a blog about the hedgerow harvesting I had done and how this had converted into various food, or drink for us. Check it out in the blog section (Fig 2).


The Grapes are starting to ripen now, so roll on Chateauneuf Du Allotments.


We have had some delicious Sweetcorn this month, it's been going into stews and salads, in fact all sorts of things; I do love Sweetcorn fritters.

  Figure 2

Sadly I have to report the expected glut of Red Tomatoes has not happened, instead, because of blight I have had to pull out and burn all of my outdoor plants, so we have an unexpected glut of green tomatoes – Chutney jars are filling up in our house (Fig 3).


The Leeks and winter veg are all looking good, we are taking off the occasional leaves of Kale and Cavalo Nero, they are delicious.


I am starting to prepare the soil for my overwintering Onions, shallots and Garlic, along with the broad beans – so, here we go again !!!

  Figure 3
More Produce   And More Produce