August Update 2013

The first thing I did this month was to fold over most of my onions in preparation to lift and dry ready for storage (Fig 1), some are still growing. I also lifted most of the garlic; however, I did leave the elephant garlic to continue growing. The reason for lifting the garlic was they were suffering in the heat and were not going to grow any more, so, because they were put in late I cut my losses and took them up; we now have 40 solid globes of garlic about one inch in diameter, they have not split into cloves, but hey ho, they taste just as good.




I think I read somewhere that garlic splits into cloves better if they have some frost on them, that didn't happen to my garlic because they went in so late. It may be true, but I always thought it was just because the bulb was going into seed.


The beans are now in full flow, (Fig 2,3,4). I have climbing purple, dwarf purple, Borlotti, Flageolet, string-less white runner beans and broad bean all yielding produce at the same time, therefore, it's beans with everything and loads going into the freezer. Later in the year, I will put some beans to dry, I will use these both for seed and to eat as dried then soaked beans, I love dried white beans in Cassoulet.





Winter greens are all doing well (Fig 5) and so are the leeks, they have survived the hot weather and are now well established. At some point I will need to take off the covers they have on them at present and ensure they are made rabbit and pigeon proof with more adaptable protection. As you will see from some of the pictures, the weeds are doing ok too; I have been a little lazy this month.



The Italian garden is now fully established and providing zucchini, you will have seen the pictures, if not, where have you been? This part of the garden is also starting to provide tomatoes and aubergines (Fig 6, 7, 8).
We are blessed with lots of salad leaf, however, this year, I have been a little remiss with my cucumber plants and therefore they are not doing so well.





I continue to dig potatoes as and when we need them and I am starting to think about digging them all up and putting them into bags for storage.

The Oca continues to grow; I think that is for harvesting later in the year though.

The Jerusalem artichokes are doing their thing at the back of the greenhouse; I placed them there so they would provide shade to the greenhouse from the afternoon sun.

Some of the carrots have survived the weeding process but they are not yet ready to pull, however, the beetroot continues to yield well (Fig 9).

The grapes continue to grow and develop, however, I think the weather in the South of England is starting to feel a little autumnal especially the mornings, so I hope the grapes will have enough time to fully develop and ripen (Fig 10).

We have been using up the zucchini and the redcurrants so please check out the baking and curing pages for recipes (Fig 11, 12). The Patty Pans have started to develop fruits now; they seem surprisingly large this year.






This is a more relaxing time of the year in that most things are planted and I am just harvesting whilst preparing for next year. I have my overwintering onions and garlic ordered and I will shortly be thinking about where to put my overwintering broad beans, I am determined to stay on track this year. Once the elephant garlic has been harvested, I will, over the autumn, be digging in manure on the section that had onions and garlic in this year.

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