Bee Keeping

Keeping Bees can be quite demanding, but most of the work is seasonal; Spring is swarming time so trying to avert loosing swarms is fun, then, throughout the year you have to take off Honey from the hives, spin, filter and jar the Honey, but more of that later; it does however needs to be recognised, it is an on-going demand and may not be for everyone. I would suggest you find a beekeeper and go along to his hives first before investing in bee keeping equipment, not everyone can work with a full hive of bees..

Bee keeping is not cheap, you can reduce cost by buying second hand equipment, if you are good at DIY you can make your own hives, but for most, it’s literally bite the bullet, buy the equipment and look after it well.

If you have ever wondered what goes on in a Bee hive I have written a very simple piece just to get you started, called Basics of Bee Keeping.

You will need two hives, yes two, one to keep as a spare for when you need to expand the hive. A hive consists of a brood box (where the queen resides and lays her eggs) a queen excluder which it simply what it says, it makes sure the queen can’t get up into the next layer of the hive to lay eggs; on top of the brood box, smaller boxes called supers are added to allow the collection of honey from the hive without taking young brood and eggs with the honey. You will need a suit and a smoker, and a spinner to extract the honey. Also, I would recommend you join a local Bee Keepers association.

Bee keeping has had a lot of negative publicity recently, but for an alternatively viewpoint take a look at my article The Joys of Beekeeping.

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Bee Keeping