Slow Cooker recipes?

I don't know about everyone else, but certainly in our home and within our sphere of colleagues, slow cookers are very 'de rigueur'. Everyone is discussing how they use these mini cookers to ease the burden of preparing meals whilst holding down a busy job.

There is a difference of opinion, some colleagues feel they are dangerous and won't leave the cookers cooking throughout the day, others think they are fantastic. I have to say, as recent proud owners of a small (for two persons) slow cooker, Jan and I are greatly impressed – especially when cooking those less costly, potentially tough cuts of meat.

I think using the slow cooker may turn out to be a winter thing rather than all year round, however, the quality of Boeuf Bourguignon, Lamb Casserole and other such meals that require long cooking periods has not suffered at all from being cooked in our slow cooker. I must also say, the smell of cooking when you come indoors from work is fantastic and the knowledge that the meal is ready to eat is great too.

Recently, Jan cooked some Pig Cheeks overnight with Carrot and Sweet Potato using English Stout as a cooking sauce, we divided the meal into two and took them to our respective offices to eat as lunch; apart from the questioning looks about 'why would you eat Pigs Cheeks'? Those who sampled our lunch asked for the recipe.

In my office, this started a discussion about me doing a special recipe section on the website with a focus on slow cookers – I tend to think just adjust the recipes to include very slow cooking for 6 or 8 hours.

What is the opinion of my readers, should I do a special section for slow cooking?

Next meal for us is that delightful Milanese stew Ossobuco, which is a veal stew made from the cross cut leg joint and includes the bone with the Marrowbone; Ossobucco in Italian means "Bone with a hole" which is how the joint should end up after eating the meal – anyone want the recipe?