Break in Paris

We've just returned from a 4 day weekend break in Paris, it was fabulous. We stayed in the Mercure Hotel in Dupleix, right opposite the Dupleix Metro Station; very handy for the Eiffel Tower (fig 1) and other tourist attractions. We did the usual sort of things – Louvre, river boat, Les Invalids, eating and drinking etc. and in keeping with modern time, a selfie (Fig 2); however, we just loved walking around the streets appreciating the spring blossom on the trees and the architecture. There were some fantastic building to behold; this area has quite a few Embassies situated in it, therefore the buildings are well maintained (Fig 3 & 4), but that's not what I want to reflect about in this blog.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4


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Chandlers Roque (Stilton style cheese)

Just cracked open this little beauty, 3 months old and a bite on it like a Doberman, lovely and creamy too.

  Chandlers Roque

Sad news of the demise of a Cheese

As part of my course, when talking about ripening the cheese in a box, I usually ask if anyone has a cat; if so, I advise they put the cheese somewhere where the cat can’t get at the ripening cheese.

See below for a salutary lesson on the subject of pet proofing your cheese. This is from Patti, a participant on the March 9th course.


Or perhaps I should say DOGASTROPHE!!!

While we were out this afternoon the dogs colluded to knock my cheese ripening box off the counter between the kitchen and the dining room (only reachable by the whippet) into the dining room where the latched double doors were bulldozed open (only the spaniel has the heft to do that) and between them they polished off the lot.........

Both looked suitably chastened and I will obviously have to find a higher place to ripen the cheese (the larder proved a wee bit too cold). For info a lovely little bloom was just starting on both of them.

Gutted and sick as a parrot doesn't begin to cover it!!! Will attempt another batch tomorrow afternoon and will let you know how I get on.

Dogs - who'd have them!

Patti x

As a dog lover there’s a bit of me that smiles and says, bless the little devils, especially as we were caught out many years ago by our Doberman dog; we went out and left a frozen leg of lamb on the back of the work surface; he had a great time gnawing his way through to the bone, needless to say, he was ill afterward.

As a Cheese maker and the person who taught Patti how to make the two cheeses, I am really disappointed for her, we had such a great time making the cheeses and it sounds like they were progressing very well – obviously the dogs thought so too.

Pet lovers beware; cheese is an attractive temptation to lots of our furry friends!!!