Colwick Cheese, a great little product

This is a new cheese on the block (or Cheese board) for the majority of people; however, the reality is it's a revival of a cheese from the 1600s. It's a fresh, soft curd cheese with an individual or 'signature' bowl shape.


This bowl shape can be used to hold fruit, Jam or honey or even a savoury filling can be used. Such fillings as Onions, Chutneys or even a gentle home made Pesto would look and taste great as a centre piece on a cheese board; as a dessert it could be used as an alternative to cheesecake, or, it can be eaten just on its own as a cheese.

It's a great little cheese, tastes wonderfully fresh with just a little tang or bite to it. It was very popular with colleagues when I took it into work for a cheese tasting; so much so, they want me to make more.

   Colwick Cheese


Jan also wants me to make more of it and then use the cheese as part of the Lunch on our Cheese Making courses; I think it would be a great idea.

The sudden national awareness of this cheese has been fuelled by Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty in their new TV show on British TV. But up until recently it had been more or less forgotten about. See the slow food website below for more details:

This programme on Channel 4, Friday evenings, is an effort by Jamie and Jimmy to encourage people to make more food, source their food appropriately and to ensure traditional British produce is recognised for the quality product that it is. The last series of Jamie and Jimmy's "Friday Night Feast" on Channel 4 saw the two guys challenging the French to a competition about Cheese; of the 5 British cheeses they took to France, I am not sure now, but I think 4 of them were judged as being superior to the French counterpart.

So it was interesting to see that as part of this new series, they got behind the makers of this great cheese and helped to highlight how wonderful it is. It is my understanding that the programme has raised awareness and resulted in the demand for the cheese soaring.

This Cheese was revived by Alan and Jane Hewson, see their great website here:

If you want to try this cheese and live too far away from Belvoir Ridge Creamery, then how about making some yourself? It's not too hard. Check out my recipe for how to make it:

If you don't have any starter or Rennet, then how about trying a bit of experimentation and substitute Lemon Juice or Citric acid instead of the rennet and starter?

Happy cheese making!

One of the best

Happy New Year, I know it's a bit late, but, as they say, "better late than never". I hope all of my readers are managing to keep warm, safe and dry, there's some bad weather out there.

2014 has started on an upbeat note for us, after spoiling ourselves with a Christmas in a luxury hotel and then having a gentle New Year celebration, in which we indulged ourselves by eating Confit de Canard (see comments on Twitter and recipe here), January 3rd saw our Cheese-making Course mentioned by Andrew Web in the Financial Times food section. The course was recognised as one of the best five cheese-making courses in England;

Click here to read the article in the Financial Times

Added to this, bookings for the Cheese-making course are coming in on a regular basis.

With some of the gift vouchers that were sold over Christmas yet to be redeemed, the first two courses are fully booked, therefore, if you intend to come on the course, please book early to avoid disappointment.


Seasons Greetings

We would just like to take the time to thank all of the Blog followers, participants in the cheese making courses over 2013 and those of you who log onto the website occasionally just to check for new ideas, recipes, hints or tips on how to do things. We are now fully in holiday mode for the Christmas period, no cheese making, allotments or anything else, just planning a happy and relaxed Christmas.

We wish the same relaxed and Happy Christmas for all of our readers and participants, along with best wishes for a brilliant, happy and productive New Year in 2014.

Our New Year family toast has always been: “wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness”, therefore this is what we wish for you all.

Doug and Jan