Something for Christmas?

Getting ready for the festive season...

Cheeses for Christmas Chilli Cheese for Christmas

Hello everyone, it may seem to my blog readers that things have been a little quiet recently, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

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We have recently returned from Madeira, what a fantastic little island; it has very lush vegetation, fertile soil and unusual fruit and the people are very friendly.

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After putting the recipe for Minced Beef Pie on the website and reminiscing about how the pie took me back to my youth, a friend tweeted me to say, it must be a generational thing because she could remember making Minced Beef Pie when she was younger and the recipe had inspired her to start making them again.

This started me thinking of all the wonderful savoury pies my mother used to make when I was young, Corned Beef and Potato, Bacon and Egg, Cheese and Onion, Meat and Potato and Pork Pie; then there were the Apple Pies, ‘Apple and Blackberry’, ‘Bilberry Pie’ all fantastic and part of our staple diet when I was growing up – we seem to have lost this knack. I have decided to try and do my bit to bring them back into fashion once again.

That’s without the fantastic cakes my Mother and Aunty made, Orange Cake, Coffee and Walnut with Butter Cream, all fantastic; she also made Jam tarts and my favourite, Bakewell Tart.

Then there were Butterfly cakes with Butter Icing, Fairy Cakes – help me out here folks, please send some recipes for these Pies and Cakes.

In the meantime, I may just give some pointers on how to make some of the above Pies.

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