Recommended Reads


Carroll,R. (2002) 3rd ed."Home Cheese Making".Storey Publishing LLC. Massachusetts.
ISBN 978-1-58017-464-0.
This is the beginners must have book, so many good recipes, cheese making instructions for the starter, also food ideas too. It's great because it eases you into the world of cheese making the Ricki Carroll way and also introduces you to the New England Cheese Co. which is a great organisation. The only way to improve this book would be with pictures.

Davies,S. (2012). "The Cheesemaker's Apprentice". Quarry Books, Beverly. Massachusetts.
ISBN 978-1-59253-755-6.
A good book with some interesting insights into different techniques of cheese making, also gives an introduction to some of the people in cheese making today.

Harbutt,J. (2009) "The Word Cheese Book". Dorling Kingsley Ltd. London.
ISBN 978-1-4053-3681-9.
This is a fabulous book for anyone interested in cheese be that either eating or making cheese. 750 cheeses most with pictures, guidance on taste, looks, presentation and notes on the areas of productivity and history of the cheese. I use this book to make sure the cheeses I am making fit the brief.

Karlin, M.(2011)  "Artisan Cheese Making at Home". Ten Speed Press, Berkeley Illinois. 
ISBN 978-1-60774-008-7
Another great book for the new starter, but it also has great challenges for the more experienced cheese maker. A clear precise instructional book which will help the reader achieve some terrific results and this one has pictures.

Peacock, P. (2010) " Making Your Own Cheese". Spring Hill Publishing, Begbroke, Oxford.
ISBN 978-1-905862-48-1
Interestingly insightful book written by someone who describes his journey as a young man into the world of cheese, it has some good recipes in it and quite a good fault rectifying section.

Smith,T. (2005) "Making Artisan Cheese". Quarry Books, Beverly Massachusetts.
ISBN 1-59253-197-0 
A good book with 50 great recipes in, they range from the easy to more challenging, there are tips on how to present your cheese along with serving suggestions.



Erlandson, K. (1977) "Home Smoking and Curing". Edbury Press, Chatham, Kent.
ISBN 978-0-09-192760
A good entry level book, small and as such an easy read, some good recipes and approaches.

Peacock, P. (2006) "The Sausage Book". The Good Life Press Ltd. Preston.
ISBN 978-1-904871-44-6
Great little book, if you are going to buy a book about sausage making, get this one, it's a great book for the amateur sausage maker.

Ruhlman, M. & Polcyn, B. (2005) "Charcuterie". W.W.Norton & Co. Inc. New York.
ISBN 978-0-393-05829-1
If you will excuse the pun, it's a delicious book, written by a chef so you would expect that. It gives you so many ideas to work through it will keep you going for some time. A book for a new starter who wants to advance.

Strawbridge ,D. & J. (2012) " Curing & Smoking". Octopus publishing, London.
ISBN 978-1-84533-657-8
A good all round book on curing and smoking with some lovely recipes to use, some good diagrams and pictures included, it makes it all seem simple.



Brown, R. (1988) " Honey Bees a guide to management ". Crowood Press, Marlborough.
ISBN 978-1-86126-174-8
Quite an old book, but still relevant for the new starter, it gives a body of gathered knowledge which is in danger of being forgotten. It's a small book but handy to have on the coffee table. There are some great monochrome pictures.

Davies,A. (2007). "Beekeeping". Collins & Brown. London.
ISBN 978-1-84340-418-7
Another small coffee table book, the subtitle is 'inspiration and practical advice for would-be smallholders' but don't let that put you off, I doubt you will be out looking for a small holding on the back of reading the book, but you will have a good idea of what you are doing with Bees.

Hooper,T (2006)(8th ed). "Guide to Bees & Honey". A&I Publishers, Totnes, Devon.
ISBN 978-1-899296-04-0
Regarded by the majority of the Beekeeping fraternity as one of the most important publications on Bee Keeping, it is a must for anyone who wishes to just buy one book on the subject.

O'Sullivan,E. (2000). "Bees, Hives & Honey". The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Ass. Litho Press, Carrigtwohill, Cork.

Heller,J. (2010)( ed) "Collins Beekeeper's Bible". HarperCollins Publishers. London.
ISBN 978-0-00-727989-0
A massive book, literally a massive hardback book, tells you everything you would ever need to know to run a seminar on Beekeeping, the history of Beekeeping, cooking with Honey, home and medical uses - everything.



Hollywood, P. (2012). "How to Bake". Bloomsbury Publishing, London.