Chicken, Bacon and Egg Pie

My mother often made this Pie for me as a midweek meal when I was growing up.


I always enjoyed those days when I came home to this pie, served with home-made Chips cooked in dripping, with peas or Baked Beans, delicious.


I realise now it was a way to use up the chicken meat from Sunday Roast Lunch, and also to get protein into me, believe it or not, in those days I was not a big fan of eating.

   Chicken, Bacon and Egg Pie


Enough chicken offcuts or remnants (Fig 1) but not the meat boiled off the carcass.
A handful of Lardons or 3 or 4 rashers of smoked streaky Bacon diced.
4 or 5 large eggs beaten and well-seasoned with Salt and Pepper - don't be tempted to think the bacon is salty, the egg needs it.
Home-made or shop bought shortcrust pastry rolled quite thinly (Fig 2)
Check out my recipe for Caramelised Red Onion and Goats Cheese tart here to find a recipe for shortcrust pastry.


Roll out your Shortcrust pastry to thinner than ¼ inch 2 CM setting aside enough for the tops or top of the pie (fig 3).

Cook off your bacon pieces and then set aside to cool down (Fig 4)

Butter your pie dishes, you can use one large pie dish (as my mother did) or two smaller ones as I have done here – I have used 2 spring-sided baking tins (Fig 5).

Dice your chicken into small ½ inch pieces and start by lining the Pie dish of choice with your pastry, draping pastry over the sides, then layer the Chicken and Bacon in the bottom of the dish (Fig 6) building the mixture up to over half way up the pie dish (Fig 7).

Pour in the well-seasoned beaten eggs retaining just a little to brush on the top of the Pie (Fig 8).

Using a pastry brush, brush the beating egg up and over the sides of the pastry then cut out the lid or lids and lay on the top, sealing round the sides (Fig 9).

Trim off the edges of the Pie and brush with the remaining beaten egg (Fig 10) and place on a baking tray in a preheated oven 180c (356 f) until golden brown (Fig 11).

Cool on a rack (Fig 12) and serve with chips (see above).

I hope you enjoy this Pie as much as I do.


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