Line caught Cod with our new best friend, Nduja

Nduja which is pronounced (Nd'uja) is a spicy, quite hot sausage from the Calabria area of Italy. It is typically made with parts of the pig such as the shoulder, belly, and jowl/throat, it can also include the innards or tripe, and it is infused with chillies, roasted peppers and a mixture of spices. The people of Calabria view it as a variation of salami, yet it is spreadable, rather like pâté. It originates from the Spilinga area; this is a small town in southern Calabria. It is mainly served on slices of bread or with ripe cheese, however, it can be added to pasta sauces to impart a rich depth and zing to tomato dishes.

This is a simple but delicious meal for 2 using loin fillets of line caught cod, linguine, tomatoes, fennel salami, a beaten egg and the magic ingredient Nduja.

Cod with Nduja


To prepare the sauce, put a tablespoon of olive oil into a frying pan, chop 3 or 4 medium tomatoes into 1/8ths and place in the pan to soften. As the cooking process starts, drop in a tablespoon of Nduja and stir until dissolved into the sauce. Keep the sauce moist by adding hot water.

Beat an egg in a bowl, dip the two cod loins in the beaten egg and dredge with plain flour, then rest on a chopping board that has been floured.

Boil a pan of water, place into the pan enough linguine for two people, and boil until just cooked.

Whilst the linguine is boiling, heat a spoonful of oil in another frying pan. Place the fish in to fry, skin size down first, turning after a couple of minutes.

Once the linguine is cooked, drain the pan, saving some of the water to add to the sauce (1/2 a cup). Place the pasta into the pan with the sauce and gently mix together. Add the retained water, mix and if desired roughly tear some fresh basil leaves to mix just at the end.

To plate up – put the linguine onto the centre of the plate and place the cod on top. Quickly fry off two slices of fennel salami in the pan the fish came from, and once crisp, place the salami on top of the cod. Enjoy!!