Simple Courgette (Zucchini) and Blue Cheese Soup

At the time of writing, the gardens are producing at least 3 Courgettes per day. This can be challenging for cooks, hence the book about "101 things to do with Zucchini" by Cyndi Duncan plus many other writers.

Here is my very tasty and healthy contribution.

  Figure 1

The contents can be flexible but this is what I use:

2 or 3 diced medium courgettes, or 1 large, overgrown one,
1 hand full of diced green beans, these can be French, or String Beans, I have even thrown in a handful of Broad beans into the pot before now,
1 medium Carrot, finely diced,
½ medium Onion finely diced,
2 or 3 cloves of Garlic finely diced,
½ Green or Red pepper finely diced,
1 medium Potato diced,
Blue cheese to taste, but about a tablespoon full.
Cream to taste if you wish,
You can also add lardons or diced Bacon if you wish, to be honest, it's not essential; also ½ a stick of diced Celery can be added if you desire.
Olive oil and water.
Salt and black Pepper, dried mixed herbs to taste.


In a large pan (4 or 5 Litre) start by frying the onions and Garlic in a small amount of Olive Oil, add the lardons if using at this time. Once they have softened and flavoured the oil, add the beans, carrot, potato and pepper and stir for a few minutes in the oil.

Add a pint of water (20 fluid Oz), allow to simmer for 10 minutes and then add the Courgettes and dried herbs. Top up with water if required then cook until the everything is soft, allow to cool, then blitz with a stick or wand blender.


Add a little more water if required, then add the blue cheese and simmer until the cheese has melted into the soup.


Now season to taste with the Salt and Black Pepper. You should have a delicious green smooth soup; it calls out for Croutons (Fig1), add cream if required (Fig2).

  Figure 2