Curing & Preserving

On this page we will be discussing the way you can easily improve the tastes and favourite flavours in your daily life. You will find out how to make not only dry cured Bacon, Sausages, Salami, and other cured meats, but also such things as Confit of Duck, good burgers, Pickles, Chutneys, Jams and Sauces including home made Tomato and Brown sauce. It is not difficult it just needs a change of attitude.

For example, the other day I was talking to a couple of colleagues at work and they were saying how they had cheated on one of my recipes by buying some Red Onion chutney in order to make a goats cheese and red onion tart; one of them complained that her husband had loved the chutney and used all of it within a couple of days. She then said she could not afford to "keep him in the stuff", to which I replied, of course she could, she just needed to make it herself. The look of disbelief was quickly replaced by surprise when I suggested how easily she could do it. That's what I am talking about – it's just a way of thinking...

I view Chutney or Pickles as an integral part of enjoying cheese or cold meats, but not only that, it's part of enjoying the bounty of harvest from the vegetable plot or foraging, it should be second nature to preserve food and part of getting ready for winter/Christmas. There are loads of recipes, you can make up yourself, but however, if you decide to make these preserves, you will need at least a large pan (5Lts) and Jars with suitable lids along with the ingredients you have decided to use. First question is; what's the difference between Pickles and Chutneys?

The terms chutney and pickle are often used interchangeably, but chutney is usually considered to be an Indian-style relish made of fruits, or at least including fruit such as mango, and certain spices, plus vinegar and sugar. You can pickle a lot of things, including many vegetables and fish, in a solution of brine and vinegar, I think therefore basically I view chutney as sweeter than Pickle also Relish is more like Chutney, but of a finer consistency whereas Chutney can be quite chunky.

Having said all of that, the first thing I want to look at is dry curing bacon. This is very easy to do at home, take a look at my step-by-step dry cured bacon recipe.

Of course, once you have mastered the art of curing Bacon, you will want some good Sausages to accompany your Bacon. Therefore, check out the step by step Lincolnshire Sausage Recipe on this link.

Enjoying your very own sausages, with your own dry cured bacon and your own hens eggs with your own bread toasted (or fried), your own Tomato Ketchup – nothing finer!!

Having fired up your appetite with all of the talk about Chutneys then moving onto curing bacon and making sausages, I though it was about time I gave you a Chutney Recipe, take a look here.

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