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 In truth, this is Jan's page, the pictures of the Pork Pie and the Cod with Cheese and Balsamic dressed Salad are her creations, but I also bake. Mainly I make savoury things such as Minced Beef and Onion pies, Corned Beef and Potato Pies, also, I make such things as a tart which utilises either Goats or three/four different Cheeses on a bed of Caramelised Onions in a Balsamic Sauce. I feel this section of the site demonstrates how all of the things we do marry together quite well. For instance, the Red Onions for the Caramelised onions are grown on my allotment, the cheeses are made by ourselves, therefore, it all comes together to produce fantastic food.

On this page we will share some of our favourite recipes, look at some things that are quite simple but very effective, and also share our experiences of making Breads, Cakes and tarts.

You will also notice that there are some recipes from Bianca who is a German friend who loves to bake. When we were setting up the web site, I always felt that it should be a space where we and others can share our expertise, therefore Bianca (Bia) has submitted a couple of recipes. If anyone else wants to do the same, please go to the Contact page and send us an email, that would be great. Comments on any of the other topics covered would also be valued.

The pictures you can see on this page are of some of the produce and recipes we hope to cover as we build our web site. Left to right are as follows:

This is a simple baked Cod which has been covered with grated Cheddar Cheese (mine of course), it is served on a bed of rocket with a Balsamic/Olive oil dressing with cracked pepper, then a drizzle of Crème de Basilica is used round the side and some diced tomato to finish the effect. I have to say, it was simply delicious.

In the centre is a picture of one of Jan’s traditional Pork Pies cut through, the picture of a full pie (top right) is a pre-cut image. Jan makes this pie using organic Pork and Ham Hock, she even makes her own gelatine by reducing pigs trotters. It is so scrumptious that despite its size it disappears very quickly.

The picture on the right is Jan's Maneesh bread, and above that is really a compilation shot of the finest trio in food, home made bread (from Jan) home made cheese (from me) and good red wine (sadly made by some chap in France). I used to make wine, but living in France for some time, I got out of the habit.


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Homemade Pork Pie


Home baking


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