Jan's Doll Making


Welcome to my world of doll making. This is what I get up to when I get some free time and wanted to share this with anyone who is interested or has similar hobbies. Creating these dolls is only part of my creative interests but one that I find exciting and which provides an outlet for my imagination. I have made dolls for many years purely for the pleasure of giving them to friends and family as gifts, and have loved to see the wide eyed expressions on children's faces when they received one. A good friend of mine reminded me the other day of all the things I made for her daughter when she was young (now grown up). In fact her daughter commented that it was this that inspired her to become interested in textile design. What a lovely idea to think that I had quietly influenced that desire in her, I felt quite chuffed.


Well, I hope I can continue to inspire and perhaps the following page may go some way to fulfilling that. Currently, I am busy making dolls for a local exhibition, this is the first time I have put myself and my dolls under such scrutiny so am feeling rather nervous. I am fairly new to sculpting dolls and am enjoying learning different techniques to mould and manipulate fabric into 3D objects. It is certainly feeding my need to create fantastical looking creatures as shown here and I do hope they will generate some interest.


I will add more dolls to the page as I make them, perhaps viewers may wish to comment so feel free to participate. I want my dolls to be colourful and fun, to brighten a dull day and bring a smile to a child and adult alike, so enjoy.



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