June 2014 Update

As you will be able to see by the blog and article in the cheese section of the website, June was a time for holidays, also I had to spend some time with my father due to ill health, so June in the allotment was a month of little activity for me. Yes, I weeded and set plants out that needed to be set out but I just had the time to do the minimum required.

On my return, after over two weeks away, the weeds had of course done very well, but also, so had the crops both in the garden and the greenhouse.

The Courgettes I planted out before I went away were actually producing crops, the Onions( Fig 1), Shallots and Garlic had all matured so are ready to take up for eating and put in store. This year I am going to attempt plaiting the Garlic. I have taken up some New Potatoes (Fig 2) which were very tasty.

The Gooseberries (Fig 3) and Redcurrants were ripe so I have picked the former and will harvest the latter very soon (before they become over ripe).

Broad Beans (Fig 4) are in abundance and I am picking them as and when we need them, but will need to harvest them all soon to put in the freezer.

I have been a little late planting out my Climbing French Beans and my Aubergines, but they are out now in the garden along with the dwarf French Beans and Borlotti Beans.

The Chillies and Tomatoes I planted out before I went away are doing well along with Parsnips, Carrots and Beetroots. The herbs are doing well too, we have been picking fresh Sage, Thyme, Oregano and Rosemary, but also Lavender flowers which are perfuming the house at present.

I now need to plant out my Leeks, and greens, but I am waiting for some rain in order to give them the best chance of establishing themselves once planted out.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4