Keeping Hens

The Chickens take ten minutes a day to look after – you let them out on a morning, feed and water them, collect the eggs and put them to bed on an evening; at least a couple of times a week we let them out into our back garden to explore and forage for an hour or two, especially when we are cleaning out the Koop. Cleaning the Koop takes up to an hour and of course the droppings are good for the compost bin. I have to say, the Chucks are my wife’s domain and as far as she is concerned – a "Chicken is for life, not just for Christmas", we don’t eat our chucks, but there is nothing to stop you from doing so. They can become quite tame though and this would make it difficult to kill them...


You will note that the ‘Keeping Hens’ page is moving a little slowly at present, there is a reason for this. A while back we ran into a slight problem which has necessitated us building a new fence around the garden and moving our hens very desirable residency (well they seemed to like it anyway). In order to reduce the stress for the hens and make it as least disturbing as possible, we have given the hens to a friend to look after for us, as such, the length of time it takes to do all of the work will be the deciding factor on whether or not we start again with some new hens. We will keep you posted on this, but I have to say, we are missing them.

In the mean time, we will of course endeavour to regale you with some of our anecdotes involving the hens, we will also put in a few tips, but if you want to contribute, then do feel free to do so and we will see if we can add your information to the page.


Keeping Chickens

Keeping Chickens