Life Changing Cheese

A few years ago, my wife was trying to think of something to buy me for my birthday. We were missing some of the good cheeses we had experienced whilst living in France; so Jan got me a voucher to go on a cheese making course. Little did we know how this would change our lives.

We have always believed in doing what we can for ourselves, such as growing our own food when possible, making our own produce, we keep Bees and Hens as well as hold down full time jobs.

Almost everything we make or grow, we do at a weekend, our friends would say, "we don't know how you find the time to do it", because of this, Jan and I had often said we should write a book.

To be brief, I went on the cheese making course, loved it, made more and more cheese and became very good at it, I was selling all excess produce at work, often people would have honey, vegetables, eggs and cheese from me all on the same day. Colleagues and friends would suggest I should have a shop, or a market stall; the local Deli even wanted to stock my produce.

For a while, I formed in my head a retirement plan which included opening up a dairy and making artisan cheeses, Jan often made butter so along with everything else we grew and made, a business opportunity seemed to be presenting itself, I felt we could probably do well at 'Farmers Markets'.

But then I thought, "I'm not getting any younger and I have been looking forward to retiring for such a long time, do I really want to start a business at my time of life"?

As an alternative to starting an artisan dairy, also in recognition of the fact I was planning a gentle progression to my retirement, I decided to run my own cheese making workshops; and instead of writing a book, I was encouraged to start a blog and website. was born on the back of cheese making, I now tweet as @saturdayartisan and I run my own cheese making courses in our local Deli/provisions store. Making cheese has enriched my life in so many ways, including better cheese.

Along with the above, another impact of cheese making is, I have communicated with some fantastic people from all around the world; some of these because of my website, some because of the courses and some from having blogs published on the New England website.

I enjoy watching the faces of colleagues, friends, and family as they discover how good artisan cheese can be and how they now appreciate the better quality of home made cheeses as opposed to mass produced cheese.

All of this transformation is in line with our belief that everyone should do more for themselves, we use our website to encourage people to not only make cheese, but to do more for themselves on a weekend.


A version of this article has been published on the New England Cheese website