May 2014 Update

Hello folks, not much to report today – people say it's been a warm spring, but I have found the soil has been too wet to be warm; I have had seed potatoes rot in the ground because of the rain and I was late putting them in. It's been so nondescript in Hampshire I have had to add another dressing of fish blood and bone on the onions to ensure they are still growing.

The greenhouse has been slowly warming up, but thanks to a family of mice getting in and eating all of my Beans and Aubergine seeds things have been a little slow in developing to the point where they can be planted out.

I have just managed to get my Sweetcorn, Courgettes, Tomatoes and Peppers planted outside, but it's still not ideal; I've had to utilise the old Plastic bottle trick.

I did get some Broad Beans planted to help cover the gaps caused by the mice and have just set some more climbing beans in the Green house, also some Lettuce seeds, can you believe the mice even decimated my Lettuce seedlings.

More next month with some pictures perhaps.