Bia's Nut Macaroons recipe

Another recipe from our German friend and guest baker Bia:

"Nussmakronen" - Nut Macaroons

4 egg whites [Note: To use the egg yolks see the Lemon Pie recipe.]
250g sugar
200-300g ground nuts (hazelnut, coconut, etc)
200g sugar
Nuts of your choice as decoration

Beat the egg whites and add a little bit of salt, then add sugar and mix it a bit. In the end add the ground nuts.

Then use two little spoons and put the 'dough' on your baking tray. Use nuts or coconut as decoration.

Put your cookies in the preheated oven for 15-25 minutes.

Good luck!

So these cookies we usually make with hazelnut in Christmas time, we also add cinnamon for the feeling of Christmas.

Lemon Pie and Nut Macaroons