Travels in Italy 2016

Having spent most of June 2016 travelling to, from and in Italy, we have been home for some time now, therefore, I thought it was about time I settled down to write a piece about our holiday. Some of my comments about the places we stayed and had meals can be cross-referenced with TripAdvisor and my Twitter account.

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Tuscany with a friend

In September we went back to Italy once again, this time we took a friend with us so that they too could experience the wonders of Tuscany with us. Because we were only going for a week, we caught a plane from Southampton to Verona airport.

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Baracchi Moments

An unforgettable week in Tuscany:

I have chosen to call this holiday the Baracchi Moments because the whole event was based around Cortona, the Baracchi estate and events that took place within close proximity to their holdings.

We stayed at the Locanda Del Molino, which is a lovely traditional Tuscan Bottega or Inn just east of Cortona, it is owned by the Baracchi family and admirably managed by Stephano and Anna Marie Coley. The Locanda historically was a mill on the Esse which is now a little stream which runs alongside the terrace; it has a Michelin recommended restaurant.

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Tuscan Summer 2015

Again we found ourselves in Tuscany for our Summer Holidays and why not? It is such a lovely place. We stayed in our regular spot, the apartments at Zampugna, which, again, why wouldn't we? But this time, we changed our itinerary slightly – read on to find out more.

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Travels in Tuscany

Sadly we are back now, but what a fantastic time we had whilst we were staying in Tuscany. We have been going to a place called Zampugna (Fig 1) just outside of Montefollonica, between Pienza and Montepulciano, for several years; it is bliss, so quiet and tranquil, such a refuge from the pressures of everyday life.


As usual, we started the holiday saying this would be the last year at Zampugna, and by the end of our time there we were planning our return next year. This was because both Jan and I agreed this had been the best holiday we have ever had in Tuscany.

  Figure 1

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