Update July 2015

Not much to report this month, I have been harvesting produce when I can, trying to keep the weeds down as well as possible, but failing most of the time, however, at this time of year things can get a little crazy in the garden.

The Onions and Garlic are dried and ready for harvesting (Fig 1&2), I have managed to lift the Shallots and they are hanging under shelter. I am regularly harvesting a mass of produce every weekend now (Fig 3,4,5 & 6) so everything is starting to feel worth while.

The fruit cage has given of its best now, we have had lots of Red and Black Currants, plus Gooseberries, far more than needed so they are in the Freezer for later days when I get the chance to make Jams; however, I have also set some Cassis away (Recipe to follow) ( Fig 7) The large jar has only Currants in and will have syrup added at a later date, the small bottle has sugar added rather like Sloe Gin so it should be ready sooner.

We also made some Summer Pudding which was delicious (Fig 8). I have left the door on the fruit cage open now so that the birds can help themselves.

Towards the end of the month I have set away some late Carrots and Dwarf French Beans to ensure there was a continuity of harvesting, also some more Lettuce and Radishes in the Greenhouse.

The Grapes have gone crazy this year (Fig 9), I think there will be more wine than there was last year, I am still digging some fantastic Potatoes, they have a fabulous flavour and are totally clean, slug free tubers (Fig 10).

The sweetcorn has small cobs forming on them at present (Fig11), they are showing great promise; I must try to time the harvesting to beat the birds this year.

I have started to harvest the first of the Fennel bulbs (Fig 12) along with keeping ourselves and the neighbours fully stocked with Beet , Kohl Rabi, lettuce potatoes and Courgettes.

I have been so late putting greens in that I have decided not to bother this year, I will start again next year when I retire.
I think that's all for now folks, too busy harvesting to write about things.

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