Update June 2013

Another month gone... Whilst it seems to have been a reasonable growing month looking at the garden, I have been away for two weeks so I can only judge that statement by what has happened whilst I was away.

The chaps on site looked after my greenhouse, watering and tying in the tomatoes, but they didn't do the weeding. I know, I was so disappointed; it's not as if they had anything else to do (just joking chaps).

I am saying it has been a reasonable growing month because everything seems to have started to grow at long last, but I can't believe how much the weeds can grow in two weeks (Fig 1 and 2); the holiday was worth having to do all this weeding though.

  Figure 1   Figure 2


Figure 3   Figure 4     The first job on my return was to hoe up the potatoes; they are looking good now after a late start (Fig 3). The next job was to empty the greenhouse of all trellising in order to allow the tomatoes to continue their growth (Fig 4), this therefore required planting out my seedlings into the "Italian Garden"; this was apt as we had just returned from Tuscany.


As I think I have already said, I call it my "Italian Garden" because of what I set in that space, courgette, aubergine, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, borlotti beans, celeriac and this year pattypans (Fig. 5, 6 & 7). Taking out the trellis also included removing the basil and coriander plants to take home and the cucumber and melon plants needed to be planted too.

Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8


After doing that, I then was able to continue with the weeding (Fig 8).

I lifted the shallots at the end of the month, in order to let them dry off, they were too late in going in, hence they are small, but I made the decision they were not going to grow any more, so I may as well clear the space. The parsnips have germinated but were at risk of being overgrown by the weeds, carrots and beetroot the same so I have spent the rest of the month weeding and preparing to plant out my winter brassicas, along with my leeks.

I do wish vegetables grew as quickly as the weeds manage to. I will update you at the end of July, by then I should be starting to harvest produce other than rhubarb, lettuce and radish, but at least everything is looking good now.