Update June 2015

Not much to report this month, other than we had a fantastic 2½ weeks in Italy, and whilst I was away the weather apparently decided to get hot. Thankfully, the lads on the allotments watered my plots and greenhouse while I loafed about Tuscany (that's another article yet to be written).

The same as last year, upon my return, I found the weeds had taken over to a certain extent, however, because of all the weeding I had done before I went away, it was not quite as bad as last year (Fig 1 & 2).

The over wintering garlic, shallots and onions are all drying off nicely and are ready to come out of the ground, I am now picking lettuce, courgettes, beetroots and kohlrabi, plus the new potatoes are delicious. This is a picture of the first harvest after my return from holidays (Fig 3).

My Italian garden is starting to shape up, as I have said, the courgettes are already coming in abundance, the outside tomatoes are doing ok, the fennel is shooting up now and I have small peppers on some of my plants – it's too early for the aubergines yet. After all of the worry I had last month, the borlotti and dwarf green beans are looking good now, along with the climbing beans which are now starting to climb.

The greenhouse is performing well, the "Marmande" and "Big Boy" tomatoes have some promising fruit on them, the cherry tomatoes have some big trusses on them and the cucumbers are starting to form little fruits. The greenhouse aubergines have flowers and so do the greenhouse chillies and sweet peppers, so all in all everything is doing ok.

So far, the birds have not noticed the large cherries on my cherry tree, the grapevine is massive and needs to be thinned out, the redcurrants have gone crazy (Fig 4) and the blackcurrants are starting to ripen.

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4


Lots of weeding to do yet, I must get my sprouts, broccoli and other greens along with the leeks into the ground.

I have some late onion plants to put in, I set the seed away late with the intention of picking the plants while they are young, small, sweet and fresh; I will also set away some more carrots in July for a continuation of cropping. I will continue to sow kohlrabi and lettuce to ensure a continuation of cropping, and more dwarf beans to ensure the supply of green beans is constant too.

Peppers Spuds Fennel Kohlrabi