Update October 2013

This October / November update is the last one of the year, therefore it is quite short.

I have been busy preparing the garden and greenhouse for the winter, so most of October was harvesting the last of the courgettes/zucchini which lasted well into the cooler weather, and the same with the aubergines and peppers. We had a glut of outside tomatoes, so the Italian garden did me proud this year. The greenhouse tomatoes also did well. My onions are still hanging to dry; sadly I never got round to picking the grapes, they are still hanging, but looking a bit shrivelled now.

All the potatoes are out of the ground, dried in the greenhouse for a couple of days (Fig 1 & 2) and bagged into 3 large bags.

Figure 1 Figure 2


The beginning of November has seen me planting broad beans, garlic, shallots and onions all to go on growing over the winter period. I still have some tidying to do, but the entire fruit cage has been pruned. Can you believe I still had some redcurrants on the bushes, not many, just ones I had missed.

It’s been time for garden fires to get rid of the rubbish, weeds, old wood and leaves and stalks from beans and runner beans, Jerusalem artichoke stalks, etc. which will give me some Potash for next year.

I will keep popping in to keep the weeds down and to harvest the winter veg such as sprouts, broccoli, swede, parsnip, kale, leeks and carrots (yes, I just leave my carrots in the ground), but that is it for the year. Not a bad one really considering I was late starting and the wet spring we had, yet all of the produce all caught up.

Merry Christmas!